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Режиссер Вес Браун. США.

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Пять сердитая женщина

Five Angry Women

Main Details
• Released in 1974
• Color
• Running Time: 82 Min
• Directed by Ken Osborne
• Written by Clancy B. Grass III, Ken Osborne .
•Starring Carolyn Judd, Teri Guzman, Darlene Mattingly, Angel Colbert, Bonita Kalem
• Produced by Clancy B. Grass III, Bruce Kaufman
• Cinematography by Hank Webster
• Film Editing by Ewing Miles Brown

Also Known As
• France - Cinq Femmes en Cavale
• Greece - 5 thilyka en drasei
• USA (video title) - Escape from Cell Block 3
• USA (video title) - Women's Penitentiary 6
• USA (video title) - Women's Penitentiary XIII
• Germany - Blutspur der Killerladies

• ESCAPE is all they wanted...VIOLENCE is all they knew!

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Эротика оборотень в Лондоне

An Erotic Werewolf In London


William Hellfire


William Hellfire


Michael Raso

Actors (9):

Erin Brown (Misty), Misty Mundae (Misty), Darian Caine (Nurse Nancy), Julian Wells (Nurse Carla), Zoe Moonshine (Zoe the Reporter), Ruby Larocca (Ruby), Linda Murray (Anoushka's Neighbor), Jeff Shields (Doctor), John Link (London News Editor)

Misty and Ruby are a couple who run a lesbian bar in New Jersey when their lives change one night with the arrival of a seductive woman (Anoushka) who bites Misty, thus starting her slow transformation into a werewolf. Anoushka the werewolf returns to her home in London, England where she gives an interview to a young reporter about her life as a werewolf, while back in America, Misty undergoes a slow transformation into a werewolf herself which may lead to danger for Ruby, and any other woman involved.

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Эротика Вампир в Париже

An Erotic Vampire in Paris

When young, virginal Caroline learns of her mother's death in Paris, she travels to the City of Lights for the funeral. Sad and alone, Caroline wanders the exotic city in search of answers, finality, and peace of mind. But only misfortune is in stock, as Caroline is raped and robbed by a French thug. But seemingly coming to her rescue is Isabelle, a mysterious and voluptuous woman who offers her food and shelter. Little does Caroline realize that this delicious Parisian beauty is a modern-day vampire looking for vulnerable victims.
//Written by Luigi Cabri

Also Known As:
USA (informal title) - The Vampire of Notre Dame

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Африка Erotica

Africa Erotica

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Тысяча и одна Эротические ночи

A Thousand and One Erotic Nights

A sheik's concubine, who has displeased him and has been ordered by him to be executed, strikes a deal with him: her execution will be postponed as long as she will relate one erotic tale to him each night.
//Written by [email protected]

Also Known As:
Hard Arabian Nights
Brazil - As Mil e Uma Noites Eróticas
Canada (French title) - Sheherazade ou les secrets intimes d'un harem
Denmark - 1001 erotiske nætter
Spain - Mil y una noches eróticas de Sheherezade
Finland - Tuhat ja yksi naimayötä
France (video title) - Schéhérazade
Italy - Folli notti di piacere
Portugal - As 1001 Noites Eróticas
USA (DVD box title) - 1001 Erotic Nights
Europe (video title) (English title) - Sheherezade

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дебби делает всех

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Молочный коктейль

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Необрезанные солдатики

Uncut Soldiers

Some say that there's nothing like a man in uniform. We say there's nothing like an uncut cock. And we'd rather see that uniform off a man when he's hammering a fat, uncut dick into another guy's eager mess kit. That's exactly what you'll get in Factory Extreme's DVD, "Uncut Soldiers." Every guy's in a uniform. Every guy's packin' a hungry, uncut cock. And every guy's hot for some rockin', same-sex boob-boom. That's Army slang for sex.

This flick's got fucking, sucking, cum eating and three-ways. Not to mention foreskin nibbling and some foreskin fucking, which is also known as docking. My favorite scene is where one guy shoots his load into the extended foreskin of another guy's cock, then gets down into the trenches and sucks his own jizz back out of his buddy's filled-to-the brim meat helmet. That's some raunchy food rationing I could learn to live with.

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virgin whore

Юной девственнице Джастис достаётся амулет, найденный на раскопках древнего храма и принадлежавший когда-то верховной жрице, с помощью которого она превращала девственниц в шлюх. Джастис его примеряет, и… попробуйте догадаться, что тут началось...

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